Trackside - It's nice to be back

This weekend (just gone) I finally got back track side.

A much needed change given all of the other ills of the world right now.

So from the start.

On Thursday I got an e-mail from the great guys at Camera Centre UK in Newport. After weeks of waiting my new camera finally arrived... The day before I was due to drive up to Oulton Park.

My D500 was nearly with me. Thanks to the guys at the store (you know who you are) they overnighted to me for 10am so I could have it in time.

All I will say about the D500 is, blown away.

So Friday afternoon I finally get on the road to Oulton Park. By the time I'm there though its time to Pitch the tent, grab some food and start reading up on the D500.


Plenty of action on the Saturday to keep me busy and to get to grips with the new camera. Walked around the track found a few places I had shot at before and tried my luck.

Druids is a nice place for some pans.

Given that I was on the camp site, going for a walk rewarded me with a fantastic view on the inside of Cascades. I had some great fun here trying to pan through the bushes along the side of the track.

Unfortunately due to the 3.5hr drive home and having work the next day, I could only stay for race one. I got some nice ones on the Start/Finish line to finish up my shots and enjoyed some of the racing.

I did however get to meet some of the great guys from the GT Photography Facebook group. They even fed me breakfast!

Next on the list is Donnington Park in 2 weeks time.

Stay safe!


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