When life gives you lemons

They say you should make lemonade. So what should I do with rocks...

My road trip to Belgium hasn't even started yet and there are problems.

I took my Nissan 350z to my trusted garage today for a flush of the Clutch Fluid.

5 hours later and I've left without a car. It would seem that the previous owners didn't think that changing the fluid was an important part of maintaining car!

There is so much crud in the lines after maybe 10 years without a change that the line can't be bled. Teach me I guess for trying to sort it the day before I go.

So I'm tying this as I wait for a Taxi to take me to the Airport (10 mins down the road) so I can get a hire car.

I need a break, I'm going regardless.

Fingers crossed it gets fixed in a few days. On the plus side it did highlight that my Slave Cylinder was a ticking time bomb, so silver linings i guess?

Enjoy a picture of my car looking like its on life support...

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